Monday, June 01, 2015

The Only Sewing

This should have posted last week, but it had and error, which I just noticed. The blogger app doesn't go back in time. So, it looks like I posted this today. It was really last Monday. And I have done a bit more sewing since then. I will post pictures later this week. :)

I bought this dress a size or two too big because I wasn't proportion at all (I measured in three different sizes depending on where I measured). I altered it to make it fit well all over. I seam ripped the sides, pinned it, and resewed it. I left the skirt area a bit big to help camouflage the rest of my Warren weight. 

It has pockets!! I found it on Lands' End clearance. 

Martin joined in the pictures. 

And I sewed my brothers insignia on...
As you can see, I folded the shirts, not him. Ha ha. I really need to learn to fold better. 

That is all the sewing I have had time for recently. My sister is having a baby and I really need to sew her a baby quilt. I have a girl's baby quilt made, that I love, and have been saving for a niece, but she is having a boy. Oh well, boys are great. 


Nancy said...

I love the dress! I have the same problem esp. with pants. If they fit my waist, they stick out on my hips like riding pants! And if shirts/ dresses fit my bust, the shoulder seams hang down my arms. Sigh! Waiting for that perfect body in Heaven:-)

faith said...

I know. Shirts are the worst for me. They always tug across the bust or gap at the arms. I am learning to buy bigger sizes and just alter them myself.
That would be annoying with pants. I am avoiding pants and shorts post baby and sticking to skirts and dresses until everything settles again. Ha ha.