Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Catching Up

My sister and I threw a children's literature themed baby shower for my other sister on Monday evening. It was lovely and amazing and the best shower I have ever been too. :) I had so much fun (I don't normally enjoy showers that much). However, I didn't take any pictures. So that's all you will hear about that. 

Yesterday, I caught up on laundry, cloth diapers, some house cleaning, yogurt making, and playing with the boys. We read bunches of books and spent most of the day in the toy closet. Warren now crawls. Martin thinks it is hilarious and calls him into the closet. He goes, "come here baby, have toy (for) you. Come hereeee."

We had steak fajitas for dinner. Jared and I don't like beef that much; we rarely eat it. We both prefer chicken (not dry chicken, you have the brine or marinade it). So, I forgot how easy steak fajitas are. Just sprinkle on salt, pepper, and lime juice and grill. Yum. 

We had some leftover bacon from breakfast on the weekend.  I threw that in with an onion and some black beans as a side. Delicious. 

We also attended touch-a-truck day on Saturday. Fire trucks, bucket trucks, excavators, and more. He is growing up too fast. We plan to take the boys every 2 or 3 years, which means Warren will be running around talking and climbing on trucks next time we go. I can't even imagine. Maybe my sister will be visiting with her son and the three boys can go running around. That will be so awesome and crazy and wonderful! 


Caitlin said...

Oh, I want to hear more about this kid's lit shower theme. I've never heard of that for a baby shower, what a great idea! Were the decorations and food all book related, or was it a shower where the gifts were kids books?

faith said...

Long Comments are really hard to type in in the app. So, I guess I can write an outline of what we did in a post. Anna made everything lovely. She is much better at decorating than I am. :) I just wanted to put piles of books around everywhere.