Sunday, February 25, 2007

The view out my window is so pretty right now.
I just had to share it.
It has been snowing 8 am.
We have about an inch right now.
It is so beautiful.


The good thing about this is that no one will want to wait outside for seats.
So guess who is getting really sweet seats today?!?!?


Tyaskin Assassin said...

Sorry about UNC.....NOT!!

faith said...

Loser face! A real friend wouldn't bring that up.

However, they're still a number one seed. Maryland will get a low seed and lose early on. UNC won't win either, but it will be more fun to watch.

Also, at least UNC has Roy Williams instead of Gary. Gary is almost as bad as coach K in my mind. He is always yelling at a ref or player and never looks happy.

And lastly, at least I don't have a foul, crude mouth like Maryland fans. I was turned off for ever cheering for MD after last nights obscene crowd gestures and chants. They should have won with dignity and honor, not crase comments and foul words.

Anna said...

MD doesn't deserve to win.
*burns MD hoody*

It is annoying the way the crowd acts. Terribly immature behavior.


Jeanne said...

How were the seats?!?! Did you opt for the face paints?

faith said...

I was seven rows from the bottom. And no, Dad told me not to do face paint. But I still have it. So, I will have to wear it during march madness some day. haha. Or the womens game next year when Anna will come with me. :)

Tyaskin Assassin said...

You living in a Dream World your shutting your eyes to anything UNC does wrong there fans are just as bad. Surely you miss Physics have learned not to come to conclussions through biased emotions, it skews everything! Anyway I dont even Like Maryland I just hate UNC! Can we Still be friends?

faith said...

I don't live in a dream world. I just have never been around real UNC fans. heh. Someday... me and the dean dome. Woohoo.

Yeah, we can still be friends.

Luke said...

awww how sweet.(full house theme song)looks like a happy ending after all.

faith said...

awww, michelle.