Wednesday, January 03, 2007

We went to Winterthur Museum and Country Estate yesterday. We being Hayley, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Harter, Anna, Elizabeth, Mom, Sarah, and I. We went there to see this display called Fashion in Film. It was three rooms of costumes from different films.

Then we toured the 175 room (nine-story) house. We really only got to see some of the first floor, some of the fourth floor, and most of the fifth floor. But it was still neat! We also got to walk around the huge gardens and play in the childrens enchanted woods.

Here are a few of the costumes that we saw (my favorite and the two I came for were Darcy's suit and Drew Barrymore's dress):

Sense and Sensibility
Kate Winslet as Marianne Dashwood, 1800
Alan Rickman as Colonel Brandon, 1800

Cate Blanchett as Young Elizabeth I, Period ca. 1555

Indiana Jones and The Secret Garden

Ever After
Drew Barrymore as Danielle, Period ca. 1510

Pride and Prejudice
Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy, Period ca. 1812


Anonymous said...

wow am i jealous.

littlesarah said...

"Indiana Jones and the Secret Garden"??? I must have missed that movie.

faith said...

I made the and not bold.