Thursday, April 30, 2015

On the mend...

I am pretty convinced that Martin is on the mend when I come out of the shower and hear him jumping in Warnie's crib (somewhere he is not supposed to be and has never climbed in while the baby is in). Yikes. 

Also, I hope my aloe plant likes earl grey tea because he "watered" it with my tea that I left where he could reach. 

Oh, and the nurse practitioner from the doctor's office called and checked on Martin. I thought that was sweet. I don't know if I have ever had a follow through call before, but all of our visits have been well check-ups. Did I tell you the nurse offered to help carry the baby seat out for me since I had my hands full with sick Martin? I also thought that was sweet. 


Anonymous said...

The doctor we normally see for all 3 kids cleaned the van off with snow, last year, during one if Elza's many visits in the early months. Was very thankful and grateful. Little things go a long way! I love the care we have received and continue to receive from him.

faith said...

That is amazing. They seem to have been especially sweet to little Elza. What a blessing to have caring doctors.