Wednesday, April 22, 2015

King Leopold's Ghost

Ugh. This book depressed me, but I also think everyone should read it. It is about how Belgium came in and basically stole all of the Congo's resources and murdered about half the population (10 million people) from 1890-1910. The most depressing part was the summary. 

1. Belgium still had rule over the country during WWII and made the people work at least 180 a year for them gathering rubber and uranium. 80% of the uranium the USA used came from slave labor in the Congo. 

2. The books gives examples of other countries abusing other countries they had claimed as colonies in the Pacific and Africa. It didn't just happen in the Congo. 

3. The country was finally given independence and the new prime minister asked for help from major countries. When they ignored him, he turned to the Societ Union for help. Because of this the CIA and Belgium plotted to have him killed. What!?!

4. The CIA and Belgium gave money to a group of rebels that took over the government and basically did the same thing Belgium had done for another 30 years. They took all the profits from the people, built extravagant houses, and went on crazy vacations. The USA and many other countries welcomed and honored the "president" who did this. He was really a dictator for 30 years. Again, what?!? 

Between this book and a book I read last year, called Blowback, I am beginning to think governments haven't ever been trustworthy.  But hey, our trust isn't in princes or presidents. It is wonderful that God is always trustworthy, true to his word, and never changing. 

I highly recommend Blowback too. It is another book that is somewhat depressing as you find out all the varying things that have been done in the name of democracy. 

Anyhow. I just finished the book, my 14th for the year. 


Anonymous said...

Wow, I had no idea.

Also, when do you find time to read?


faith said...

While nursing babies.