Thursday, April 09, 2015

Free Redbox For You?

So, I love being on the redbox text alerts. They send me free movie codes all the time. They also send bogo free codes too, but they never have two movies we want to see. 

I am not going to use the one they just sent me. It expires tonight. First person to comment, may have it. Oh, and if you want me to send you free codes in the future that I am not using, let me know. I only use about half of the ones they send. We just don't watch that many movies. 

I highly recommend Big Hero 6. We watched that last week and loved it. 

And since it is April, the month of my blog's 10th anniversary, I will count this as my first celebration giveaway. I would say first of ten, but I don't know if I will get around to that many. 

Next week I will be giving away 10+2 blueberry muffins to someone who lives close by. :) I am pretty sure almost all my readers live close by. 

21 days until the 10th anniversary. Crazy!!

Redbox: Take a movie break today. Get a DVD free for 1 day w/code 96G4Z4ZR Expires 4/9/15 @11:59pCT. 


Anonymous said...

I don't have time to go get a movie tonight, but I would like to see Big Hero 6 now that you have recommended it.


Anonymous said...

Also, you've been blogging ten years! That's crazy. I thought that I would get back into blogging again, but I don't know if I ever will. But I read your blog almost every day. It will be especially nice to see your posts after we move away again and I can still read about my nephews and see the things that you are making. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh hey it's me again. I just looked at my old blog and found out that my first post was October 2005. What a long time ago that was. Basically, my blogging spanned my five years in college, and I quit right around graduation. I can't really celebrate a 10-year anniversary of blogging, since I have a five year gap since my last post.


faith said...

I just like blogging better than wasting time on Facebook. It is more satisfying and easier to go back and read what I have done. My only complaint recently is that is hard to write posts on my phone. I keep thinking about getting a keyboard for my phone. Ha ha. I know they sell them for iPads. Wouldn't that look amusing?
I will miss you when you move away with my new niece or nephew.