Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Kitchen Wall Part 1

Jared had been wanting to remove this wall for as long as we have been married. I really like this wall. But being able to seat more people around my table and display my vintage Pyrex, polish pottery, and other pretty dishes in a glass cabinet has won out over having a pantry. The wall has been removed. 

This is what was on the other side, my pantry and laundry room. 

Jared started last Thursday night by removing the Sheetrock and letting in 500 fruit flies (I counted them as I killed them over the next few days). It was too nice of an evening to not have the windows open. Sigh. I love fall, but hate fruit flies. I suppose they are better than crickets or at least easier to kill. Each season seems to have a weakness, is this to keep us longing for our eternal home? 

Dad and Jared put in the header (because it is a load bearing wall). 

Here is the header with the supports removed. Dad is getting some Martin time before he leaves for the evening. 

And here is a picture in the daylight. 

Jared reran the electric, put up the Sheetrock, and patched the floor on Saturday. He is going to start mudding the Sheetrock tomorrow. I would also like him to take some of the stuff off the old shelf rack out to the shed (bug spray, boxes of screws, other hardware odds and ends) so I can move my cans back. Now that Martin has free access to the shelves I can't put dangerous things on the bottom anymore. 

He hopes to have it drywalled and painted in the next few weeks. The goal is to finish the paint before the baby comes. 

1. New longer table (we think we like this one at ikea with two leaves) 
2. Build bench seat
3. Install new cabinets over bench seat
4. Curtains to cover washer and dryer
5. New matching curtains on all windows (I think Jared has already picked a fabric. I might start sewing these if I have some free time - my new Lewis book is distracting me). 
6. Shelves in the broom closet to store Christmas dishes, which used to be on bottom shelf of pantry
7. Paint whole kitchen one color
8.  Maybe paint back door?

More pictures to come as the steps are completed. Any suggestions? 


Anonymous said...

Nice! Josh is going to be gone for two weeks in Martinsburg, so if you need any help with anything, I'd be happy to come over. I think that you will love having a bigger kitchen.

Have you found a new place for the Baker Street sign?


Dasha said...

wow, very lovely, but all that sounds exhausting. it will be great when it's all done. you have some good men there working hard, what a blessing.

faith said...

No, I haven't found a place for the Baker Street sign yet. :( We are thinking above the closet next to the washer and dryer... Maybe.
We bought paint for the kitchen so as soon as Jared is finished mudding the last coat, possibly tonight, we can start wiping down the walls and moving stuff away from the walls so we can paint. Yay!!
I just want my kitchen to be in somewhat of a working order when this baby comes. Right now it is covered in dust and my kitchen table is still in the living room.