Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Kitchen Update Part 2

It is all ready to paint tonight. I have wiped down half the walls and moved everything off the counters.  I need to remove the electrical covers and finish cleaning the walls. Hopefully, tomorrow or Friday I can post some updated paint pictures. 

Also, SAMs club is carrying dried mango again!! I may have bought 4 bags and already eaten one since last week. Martin ate some of the bag... He brings it to me and says, "please, please, please". 

I am packing mango (and apricots and trail mix and other healthy snacks - hospital food is gross and heavy) in my hospital bag, which I have not packed and probably won't until a few days before my due date (or maybe when I am in labor).  First, I should wash all the baby clothes in the attic and put them away, which I was going to do two weeks ago, but the kitchen got in the way.

Lastly, I ruined this painting for Jared by pointing out that the clouds look like a chicken. We have called it the chicken painting ever since, but we still like it. It hangs over our bed. Jared thought it would be funny to ask Martin if he saw the chicken. Now whenever Martin runs into our room he points to the painting and says, "bok bok bok". 


faith said...

My sister came over last night and helped me cut in around the kitchen. She did almost two whole coats!! I did a few electrical outlets. My parents also came and played with Martin. I am so grateful for all their help. We should be rolling the walls tonight and then cutting in the final coat. Yay!! I am so ready for my house to be back in some sort of order.

Anonymous said...

My take away, one, you've got a cute belly, hah! And that 'glow'. I've been looking for the chicken, and I can't see it, heh. And yeah for projects to end before new babies arrive!