Saturday, April 12, 2014

Raspberry Lemon Bars and Sewing Projects

I finished a sheep, bib, and burp cloth for a shower I am going to this weekend.  I made the burp cloth girlish on one side and boyish on the other side because they aren't finding out what the baby is. :)   The bib is from some of my favorite fabric. I bought three or four yards when I was pregnant with Martin.  I made his curtains out of some of it. 

I also made raspberry, lemon strudel bars for the shower. They are in the oven right now.  I will post the recipe if it is delicious.  

Martin played happily while I baked because I made him eggs and waffles for second breakfast at 9:00.  He woke up at 5:30 this morning.  That extra half hour has made the day seem so much longer.  


jeanne said...

I really hope they turned out delicious!

faith said...

I thought they were okay. I brought the rest to Sunday night dinner. But I have had two people ask for the recipe. It was too fruit cobbler for me. I am not a cobbler fan. Give me a crisp or a pie anyway.