Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Well, I finished my two exams this week.
I finished my two lab reports for today (15 and 9 pages).
I have another lab today.
I have a quiz tomorrow.

Another lab tomorrow.

I get to come home this weekend for Sarah and Dad's birthdays and the Magi festival (because Jared is singing 'Give me Jesus').

And two more exams Monday and Tuesday.

But I decided to update you all on the blogging world
(I didn't feel like updating last week because you all are slacking on the updates!!)

Here is this weeks updates:

* Hannah
updated a lot.
* Sarah raised Rachel one
* Luke has
nothing to say.
* Rachel raised Sarah seventeen avatars -
but still fails to beat the Darcy proposing video.
Mrs. Taylor keeps on updating.
* Linnea is in England and
misses Ben still.
* Jamie
translates a tea box.
* Mrs. Shelton has a
'K'new picture of Krue.
* Sienna is
training rats!! What fun.
* Mr. Howard keeps the
quotes coming.
Brae and has pictures of her adorable mother.
* Why anyone would pay money for
dead fish and seaweed is beyond me.
* Ben
flew a stage, but failed to explain what it is...
* And lastly Mrs. Peipon has been very faithful lately!!!
Read all of her latest posts.

I didn't check anyone on the bottom of my list. So they may have posted. BUT I really doubt it and I have to go do a lab report. So...I'll see you all at thanksgiving. Post on.


Anonymous said...

there is no place I could ever go where i wouldn't be missing ben.

unless of course, i went to where ever he was!

faith said...

heh, I miss Jared more when I see him and remember how much I enjoy talking to him and laughing with him.