Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wednesday was an ordinary work day for the first half of the day and then ate on the way back to camp and took showers and left for New Orleans. I wasn't really in the mood to go there, but I wanted to say that I had been, so I went. Plus, everyone else was going (isn't that a great excuse). It took quite a while to find a parking space. Then we spilt into five groups and wandered the city. Due to lack of communication I ended up with Mr. and Mrs. Perkins, Mrs. Anderson, and Mr. Sherwell. It turned out to be a much more interesting and fun thrill than I expected. I was very bored and unimpressed with New Orleans. The only part that I could have wandered around for a while and looked at was the amazing old buildings. Other then that I found it very junky and crude. First we went to Cafe Something where they serve donuts with piles of powdered sugar. After visiting their creepy bathroom, we wandered around for a while (The bathroom was in the kitchen and you entered both the men's and ladies room by the same door and then there was this small waiting room while you waited for the person inside to be finished, it was rather awkward). Since no one else in my group wanted to be there we would come to a street corner and one of us would choose a direction. That was pretty neat. We saw a few musicians and entered a few junk shops and a candy shop and then we tried to find this restaurant that people have told us about, it was called Miss Sparrow's. So we would ask for directions and people would say, "oh yes, that is two blocks that way". We would go that way and not find it and then wander around some more and then ask someone else. They would say, "Yes, it is right around that corner". We would go around the corner and still not see it. So we finally asked this one woman and she practically led us right to it. The name of the restaurant was Mesperos. No wonder we had missed it so many times. We had gone by it several times. We had a good laugh about that as we sat down to dinner. Everyone I was with ordered sandwiches and I ordered the catfish platter!!! Oh yes! A whole bottle of ketchup and some tobacco sauce later I was so stuffed.
The bus ride home was so boring. I was tired. But when we got back I had to make PB and Js with Chris, Avery, Luke, and two people from grace. We all started out spreading peanut butter, until Luke ended up with peanut butter up to his elbows. Then he was just there for moral support. For some odd reason we ended up spreading the jelly on top of the peanut butter and then just sticking a piece of bread on top. I have never done that before. We were using white and wheat bread and we ended up just slapping bread together (to find out the next day when we went to eat them, that most of them were half wheat, half white - rather amusing). I have never made 72 sandwiches so fast or had so much fun doing it. I love Chris. He was a pleasure to work with and Avery and Luke are a blast too. I don't think I could have chosen a better team that I would have been so surprised to have fun with. I was so tired after this that I went to my room and fell into bed and slept soundly (even with the sub light). Wednesday was my best night of sleep even though I was probably in the worst mood. I hit full tiredness this night, even though we had a half day. I think I was more mentally tired and that makes it easier to go to sleep because your brain can't think about things if it is too tired to.

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