Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lab Answers

This is one of my favorite questions to grade each year. 
List 8 products made of recycled paper.

Some of the answers I received this year:
*steel cans
*plastic bags
*hospital gowns
*paper money
*water bottles
*lamp shades

Things I Don't Do

I was inspired by TheFrugalGirl to list the things I don't do. She has been talking about looking too perfect on blogs and how it can depress other people. Here are the first few things that popped into my head. 

Jared makes much more imaginative toys then I do and I am the engineer. He made a vacuum cleaner for Martin on Saturday. Martin loved it and played with it for about 30 minutes. 
I don't knit. 

I don't crochet. 

I rarely make plans for play dates with other kids even though I know Martin loves them and I enjoy them too. 

I don't fold Martin's clothes. They are just stuffed in a drawer. 

I rarely invite people over for dinner, even though I think about it all the time. I always come up with excuses. Example: my sister has been in town for over 4 months now and I still haven't had her over for dinner. 

I have a bad habit of writing thank you notes and then leave them on the table without stamps for a week or two before I send them. There are three sitting there right now. 

My kitchen table is always a mess. 

I have three bags of clothes that have been riding around in the back of Jared's car for over a year that need to go to Goodwill. 

I was given some maternity clothes about six months ago and they are still sitting in a pile next to my bed. I wear them, wash them, and throw them back in the pile. Is it even worth finding a home for them now? 

I plan to go outside with Martin most days, but we only make it outside 2 or 3 times a week. 

I don't serve vegetables with each meal. 

I broke the coat rack on our entry wall because I was too lazy to hang up coats in the closet and hung too much weight on the wall and it fell off. 

I haven't early voted yet even though I have meant to every day for the last week. I need to do this before the baby comes. 

I take pictures of Martin when he throws fits sometime. 
This is right before dinner. Martin wanted crackers and all I would give him was an apple. He threw himself on the ground and cried. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Random Monday Updates

This weekend my best friend from college came to visit. We just hung out and relaxed. Friday my hairdresser treated me to a pedi and hair trim. It was so relaxing. My hair ended up shorted than I expected, but it will grow back. :) The haircut is cute. I am playing with ways to pull it back for labor because it is too short for braids or a good ponytail right now. 

Michelle also gave us motivation to put the kitchen back in some order. I will post pictures tomorrow. It is livable now. The only thing I would like to do before the baby comes is finish making curtains for the windows. 

This morning Martin and I went grocery shopping. I made yogurt and ricotta. I am going to freeze the ricotta for calzones later once the baby comes.

4 quarts of plain yogurt

I love mason jars. I think they are so pretty. 

I have killed 55 fruit flies this morning. Jared and I have resorted to using the vacuum to kill them. We don't know where they are coming from, but they keep coming and coming. I am looking forward to the first frost. 

Did I mention we bought a new vacuum? It is awesome. Jared bought our old vacuum before we got married for $25 (so $5 a year for the years we owned it) and the clamp that kept the hose on was broken. So I would vacuum the whole floor and then notice that it had popped off and hadn't picked anything up. This one is a Shark. My sister suggested it. We visited 5 stores and tried out so many vacuums and weren't happy with any of them. It is so hard to find a small, light vacuum that works well.   

The engineer in me has calculated that we will have to own it for over 30 years to have it work out to $5 a year, like the other vacuum. However, the other vacuum was only used once a month or so before children. Now that Martin is moving around and eating real food, we use the vacuum way more often (several times a week usually). So if we were able to keep this one running for 15 years, I will consider it an amazing buy still. 

There is still no new baby. I am hoping he comes after my lab next Monday. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Kitchen Update 3

We have been rearranging everything all day. Soon the table will be moved back into the kitchen!!! Yay, for having my kitchen back in some order. To celebrate I made a double batch of granola (which will hopefully last until after the baby comes) and some tortilla soup. 

More pictures once everything is somewhat back to order and the sun is shining. 

I will be 38 weeks in 2 days!!! Wow, how did we get this far along already? This baby could come anytime or wait another 4 weeks. I finally washed his clothes yesterday. We also put his car seat in the car. Next step is packing my hospital bag. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Anna and Andrew took Martin boating today. I told him about it this morning and he went around the house babbling, "boat uncle boat Anna boat boat boat." But that was nothing to the excitement he had when they pulled up, to pick him up, and he saw the boat. 

Meanwhile, I went to target, the bank, and grocery shopping and started putting my house back together. Not having Martin around has thrown off my day. I haven't gotten as far as I had hoped at all.  Plus, I am lonely. :) I didn't realize how much I talked to him. He is such a blessing. I am so thankful for him. I love being a mom. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Update on Names

Mondays are catchup days from the weekend. 

Martin and I have been playing in his toy closet and reading lots of books. I also finished repairing four cloth diapers (to stretch my stash once baby two shows up) and made 14 more cloth wipes (I plan to try cloth wipes while he is breastfeed, but not once he eats real food - gross). I also folded and stuff clean diapers, made a new batch of wipes, finished grading my labs, and went over my lab for tonight. 

In the words of my husband, Our house still looks like a bomb went off inside. Jared is going to finish the last coat of paint tonight and we will be able to move the furniture back to its real places (instead of having a kitchen table piled with all the items off my counters sitting in the middle of the living room). We will work on hanging back pictures this weekend once the paint is cured. 

We can't decide on a new table or how we want to redo the cabinets and bench seat right now.  Maybe by spring we will sort all that out and have the kitchen finished. First, we should probably think of some names for this baby. Ha ha.  If he happens to be a girl, we would name her:
Evelyn Grace
Margaret Rose
Louisa something

But I don't think there is much chance of it being a girl; the pictures were pretty convincing on the boy parts. 
So far we have thrown around a bunch of names, but don't particularly like any of them. Here are a few:
Haddon (as is Charles Haddon Spurgeon, not Hayden). 
Peter - Jared doesn't like
Adoniram - I don't like
Jarvis - I don't like
Fredrick - a bright red-headed great uncle on Jared's side

And let's not even start on middle names... They range from the more normal suggestions of Aaron (my middle name for a few days until my parents changed it) to last names of people we know, such as Corcoron, to literary charecters, such as Atticus (Finch), to things like Noel and Christmas. 

This baby might be nameless for a few days. 

Oh, and here is an article I read today that is inspiring me to declutter my house. I hope to start tomorrow.

Any name suggestions? Favorites? Names you dislike? Our one "rule" is that people have to be able to know how to spell it and say it and people wouldn't judge you on a resume because your name is weird. I guess that is two rules. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hiding Place

Against the God who rules the sky 
I fought with hand uplifted high 
Despised the mention of His grace 
Much too proud to seek a hiding place 

Wrapped in shadows of the night 
Fond of darkness more than light 
Blind, I ran the sinful race 
I felt no need for a hiding place 

But then the eternal council ran 
"Almighty love, arrest this man!" 
I felt the arrows of distress 
And found I had no shield, no hiding place 

Holy justice stood in view 
To Sinai's fiery mount I flew 
But justice cried with frowning face 
"This mountain is no hiding place" 

But then a heavenly voice I heard 
And mercy for my soul appeared 
She led me on with gentle pace 
To Jesus as my hiding place 

Should seven storms of vengeance roll 
And shake this earth from pole to pole 
No thunderbolt shall daunt my face 
While Jesus is my hiding place 
While Jesus is my hiding place 

On Him almighty vengeance fell 
Which would have sunk this world to Hell 
He bore it for a sinful race 
To make Himself our hiding place

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Kitchen Update Part 2

It is all ready to paint tonight. I have wiped down half the walls and moved everything off the counters.  I need to remove the electrical covers and finish cleaning the walls. Hopefully, tomorrow or Friday I can post some updated paint pictures. 

Also, SAMs club is carrying dried mango again!! I may have bought 4 bags and already eaten one since last week. Martin ate some of the bag... He brings it to me and says, "please, please, please". 

I am packing mango (and apricots and trail mix and other healthy snacks - hospital food is gross and heavy) in my hospital bag, which I have not packed and probably won't until a few days before my due date (or maybe when I am in labor).  First, I should wash all the baby clothes in the attic and put them away, which I was going to do two weeks ago, but the kitchen got in the way.

Lastly, I ruined this painting for Jared by pointing out that the clouds look like a chicken. We have called it the chicken painting ever since, but we still like it. It hangs over our bed. Jared thought it would be funny to ask Martin if he saw the chicken. Now whenever Martin runs into our room he points to the painting and says, "bok bok bok". 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hidden Washer and Dryer

I am rethinking the curtain idea now that I have seen these ideas online. However, my only problem is I have a top loading washer. Hmmm. I will have to give this more thought. I wonder if the counter could be hinged and open... 

Dear Amazon,
I don't fault you for taking 10 days to ship this to me. Even your computers couldn't predict this order. Ha ha. My OB suggested the support belt, which I have not found to be useful, but I will give it a few more days. I wanted free shipping so I threw in the new CS Lewis book, but was still $3 short of free shipping. So I remembered I needed packing tape and have forgotten to buy it at least three different trips to the store. I would have bought one roll, but 4 was so much cheaper and Christmas is coming soon!!! 

Do you ever buy weird assortment of items on amazon to get free shipping? Or do you have prime? Prime would be worth it for the free video streaming if I have internet at my house.