Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Quilt top finished

My mother-in-law offered to quilt it for me. She is way more talented at quilting. It will be so much fun to see what see does with it.

This top probably took about 8 hours. None of the blocks are complicated and they are nice and big.  So, it went fast.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Sneak peak at a new project

It should be a twin size quilt for the baby when I'm finished. :) 

Thursday, September 12, 2019

A little sign

I used to sing this to James as a baby more than any other song. Now he likes Holy Holy Holy and For All The Saints better.  I was going to just put the words from the first line one the board, but hymns are written to be understood for and appreciated as the whole thing. The line felt off without the rest of the verse. Originally, I started this to hang in the baby's room, but then I used paints from the boys' walls and it just matches so much better in there. 

So the boys get some new artwork for their room. 

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Updated Paint List

Paint jobs to do:

1. Baby's closet
Finished: June 29th
(Linen Ruffle - leftover from various painting jobs)

2. Baby's Room
(Off white, pinkish hue)

3. Boys' Room
(two tone, dark blue up top, light blue on bottom)

4. Boys' Closet
(I want to do something fun like lime green)

5. Guest Room
(no ideas yet)

6. Hallway
Finished: June 29th
(Linen Ruffle - leftover from various painting jobs)

Possible jobs:
(all the ceilings are still TAN, but who is brave enough to paint a popcorn ceiling?)

7. Ceiling in Baby's Room

8. Ceiling in Boys' Room

9. Ceiling in Guest Room

All we have left is the guest room, which is the boys' old room and needs some patching to the walls before we can dig in and paint in there.  But we are so much closer than when we started.  The boys and baby girl have a space all for them now.  So she can come anytime. :) But hopefully she holds off a few more weeks to give us a chance to knock out the guest room.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Boys' room (Final)

Before: Realtor photos of the room.  
It didn't look this bright and cheery in person.  It was much more dingy and dark. 

Before: I took this picture the day we settled on the house. 

Before: Goodbye baseboard heaters and tan carpet and tan walls and tan ceiling and tan trim! 
Goodbye cat smell!

Before: We don't have an attic anymore so this is where we were storing a bunch of stuff that didn't have a home.  We took a few loads to the dump and Goodwill. 

The carpets were all ripped up and the floors refinished the week that we bought the house.  Jared did the majority of the work of refinishing the floors.  I pitched in a little bit and some friends came over and helped pull up staples for three hours from all the carpet (and the carpet that had been down before that). 

Goodbye, cat smell. 

Look at that white ceiling!!!

Look at those blue walls! Here Jared is installing the trim for me between the two paint colors.  

Then he installed his old bunk bed.  

And we took off the closet doors to paint them. 

Here is a little before and after mash-up. 

After: Everything is so peaceful.  It might be my favorite room in the house right now. 

After: The only thing let is to buy curtains for the windows (I am thinking some sort of grey) and a shade for the lamp.   But otherwise, it is completely finished! 

Here is what we have done to the room:
✅Old carpet removed and wood floors refinished (Bono Mega - Amber seal)✅Baseboard heaters removed (they were condensating and leaking on the wood floors and causing discoloration)
✅Ceiling painted white
✅Walls painted (dark blue - Valspar Space Sky, light blue - Valspar Dreamy Clouds)
✅New trim installed on walls
✅New shoe molding installed
✅Old molding painted white
✅New windows

* Loft bed/book shelves was Jared and his brothers. Build by a family friend. 
* Twin bed given to us by people moving at church. 
* Crib/Toddler bed IKEA - thrifted for $40. 
* Dresser 1 - was Jared’s as a teen
* Dresser 2 - was given to us with twin bed
* Small Ikea chair - given to us
* Car rug - given to one of the boys
* Light blue leaf rug - bought on clearance at Lowes for $90
* Quilts - made by Grandma Cindy (priceless)

We have since switched the lamp with the one in the baby's room.  And I am really thinking of stealing the rug and giving them the rug from our room (it is dark red and would match their quilts still). 

It has been such a great project - one that I have been wanting to do since January, but that first trimester killed me and I never finished it.  We purchased the paints around 4th of July and they were having an amazing sale ($45 back on a 5 gallon bucket and $15 back on a gallon - I think we got an $135 gift card from them when it was all said and done - which we then used on the rug and a rug for the baby's room). 

Friday, August 02, 2019

Boys' room

The closet doors are off because they are the last thing that needs to be rid of tan (aka painted white). 

We are setting up Warb's new bed and dresser tonight and tomorrow we will bring in Martin's mattress and Meem's bed. 

I love the colors. They are making me so happy. Full post coming after Saturday!!

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Boys' room - sneak peek

A quick before and after. 

Trim being installed!

Now I just need to paint the trim around the windows and floor. Goodbye tan! 

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Closet number two

I forgot to take a true before picture.  Imagine that their is a makeshift shelf (see the boards to the right of the closet) that is laid across the side shelves.  And imagine that they put a short little clothing rack under it (nailed to the wall with different size nails, of course, because nothing is done properly in this house).  For a while I thought about leaving the lower shelves so the boys could hang up their own clothes, but it just took up too much space.  So I gutted the closet and started from what it used to be.  

Here is a picture of the gross, tan side shelves.  

And a picture of the closet once I removed all the makeshift shelves and patched the holes in the wall. 

Shelves painted bright white. 
Top painted white. 
Bottom painted a custom green (it was from a can of lime green paint from my sister's bathroom that I added some blue and black to).