Sunday, September 24, 2017

Birthday travels

Yesterday he turns one. We didn't have a party, but we were visiting a friend and she had some extra party hats. James and I are both sick (sore throats and fevers). I thought about making a cake for him today, but if his throat feels like mine he doesn't want cake. His brothers probably want cake though...

We travelled to Annapolis this weekend to visit our dear friend Michelle. It was my first time going to the DC area in almost three years!!! I can't believe it has been that long. We didn't do anything "exciting". We visited some fun playgrounds (honestly, the boys are so excited about free play grounds and looking at boats in the Annapolis harbor, they don't need any paid for activities - we thought about going to a fall festival, but it was $12 a person and I wasn't feeling too hot, plus it was HOT outside). 

When the wind blew it wasn't too bad outside. The sky was gorgeous. There was a festival going on downtown and the boys got free fire truck hats and library books (yay!). We had a picnic in the park and went to Trader Joe's for a few months supply of Sesame sticks (I'm addicted). 

The boys loved crossing bridges and seeing boats. They bring such joy to life - they are excited about the smallest things. It reminds me to be grateful. 

So pretty. 

Hope your weekend was grand. 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

A little paint goes a long way

See that light. I wish I had a better before picture (story of my life). I wasn't thinking. Also, don't look at the hall yet. It is blue (yay!), but I haven't finished the trim or doors yet (bleh, they are still a life-zapping-drudgery-inducing tan). 

Back to the lights...There are two of them. One in the hallway and on in the main entryway. I kept thinking that they would look better if the fixture was black. 

But first I took them both off and ran them through the dishwasher. Wow! What a difference. There was so much cat hair and grease and dish and gunk stuck to them. 

That inspired me to finally get the black paint out and paint the fixtures. I was using oil based paint and I didn't want to chance getting it on the ceiling. So I left about a half a centimeter (I'm an engineer - we like metric) gap. After the paint dried I took a sharpie and coloring in the gap. You can't even tell. :) And the line between the fixture and the ceiling in nice and crisp and clean. 

It looks so much better in person! That dull brass was so dingy. It is amazing to me how a little paint and cleaning and make something look so much better.  Welcome to 2017 little light. May you shine brightly and may I remember to clean you. 

I'm feeling inspired to tackled the brass chains in our bathrooms... They would look so much better black. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Big truck day

The boy loves a fire truck. 

And tractors 



Saturday we visited a bunch of big trucks and got to climb all over them. 

There was even a coast guard boat!

Monday, September 18, 2017

I built a shelf!

And forgot to take a real before picture of everything randomly and precariously stacked. 
But I did get a good picture of me and the saw. Because that is important. Ha ha. 

It kind of looked like this, but worse. More stacks. 

Worthless giant cupboard. We suspect that this is the base cabinet for a sink, which would explain why there are no shelves. There are so many strange things about this kitchen and house. 

Well, I was tired of things falling over every time I needed something out of the cupboard. The waste of useful space also bugged me. I had mentioned it to my Dad and Jared, but neither of them work in this space EVERY day. 

So, after rearranging everything to get something in the back I started to think about how hard it could actually be to make a shelf. I found a few scrap wood pieces that just needed to be trimmed down to size, set up shop in the garage, measured twice, sawed them down, grabbed a few nails and a hammer, and pounded my frustration away. 

Look at all that space!!!! Such a simple project and it made a huge change. It makes me smile every time I open the door. So so so much better. 

Next to paint the bottom cupboards and change the faces of those fake plastic drawer fronts. 

Friday, September 15, 2017

About to start a new quilt

A small peak into the beginning of a quilt. 
It isn't just cut fabric and start sewing. Rarely do I follow a pattern and if I do follow a pattern I usually make modifications to use the fabric more efficiently. 

Which one?
Which one?
Which one?

The left one is my favorite, but the finished size is too small. I guess I could add thicker boarders. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


We picked apples today. The weather was so crisp and clear. They say they are open for another 8 weeks. So, maybe we will make another trip (it is about 45 minutes away). 

Now to turn all those apples into applesauce, Apple cake, Apple crisp, and all those other yummy Apple foods. :) 

Monday, September 11, 2017


He stands and he is so proud! He yells at us, claps his hands, and laughes when he stands up. It is so fun. 

Jolly James, you make the world a little brighter. I love you. Praying that God will
Continue to use your sweet spirit and joy to glorify the God that made you. 

Saturday, September 09, 2017

May I cut in?

The title comes from my sister. She is the clever, wordy one. I just steal bits of her cleverness. 

Goodbye tan! 
It is amazing how drab and oppressive tan can feel. 

We didn't refinish the stairs. This is the original color of our hardwood. You can see a bit of the refinished wood at very bottom of the picture. The stairs aren't in bad shape. Well, the landing was a favorite bathroom of cats, but the steps are okay. 

We plan to add a door to the left on the landing into our laundry room/mud room (that we hope to build in the garage - which is currently behind that wall). 

Anyhow, my husband speaks my love language (I don't really believe in those...).  I have mentioned several times recently that I am itching to paint something. So he went out and bought me SIX gallons to work with! I plan to do a lot of painting when I come home from ESL on Thursday nights. I am usually wide awake and can't sleep. 

Speaking of ESL, I finished the last thing on my list yesterday - and updated database. Postcards are in the mail, flyers have been handed out, registration night is planned and forms are printed. We have people from six churches helping this year. It is going to be fun (and stretching for all of us, but God always provides). 

Reading: A Loving Life by Paul Miller
Thoughts so far: So many good themes. What true biblical love is and the role of lamenting in our lives (and others and the church)... Only about a third in, but I recommend it already! 

Are you working on any projects this weekend? Have any book recommendations? I'm thinking of reading Til We Have Faces again. I know, a fictional book!?! I've been reading a lot of heavy stuff recently and I think my brain needs a break.