Tuesday, July 25, 2017

On my nightstand...

I've been on a bit of a reading kick. It doesn't help that I just got my newest order from Westminister Bookstore. Seriously. I go on there to buy one book and end up with four or five or ten. :) 

1. Bible Reading with Your Kids looks awesome. I only briefly flipped through it. But I'm looking forward to reading all of it. 
2. Thoughts for Young Men - I've wanted this for a while and finally put it in my cart this time. I have boys that will be young men. They need good solid thoughts. :) Also I am looking forward to it. 
3. Peacemaking Family - my kids fight. I need help. I'll let you know if I like this book. 
4. The Heart of Anger - I have angry kids. I don't understand anger very well. So far this book has been very helpful. 
5. Crazy busy - pretty ordinary. There have been a few interesting points, but not revolutionary. It is short thankfully, I'm almost through. It is worth the quick read. 
6. Readers Bible!!!! Love it. The more I use it, the setter it gets. I love not having verse numbers. It is so not cluttered. It is wonderful!
7. Latest Piper Book - this one is like most Piper books, a little hard to read, but so so so so worth it. 
8. Wrinkle in Time - I got talked into reading some fiction again and I thought it was a waste for time. I enjoyed it while I read it...until the end. Then I just felt like I wasted good reading time with fluff that didn't matter. 
9 and 10. I know I've finished two other books this month and I can't remember what they are... 


Caitlin said...

I felt the same way about A Wrinkle in Time! It has so much hype as a beloved children's novel but it just falls flat at the end, I really don't understand the love it gets.

faith said...

Yeah. The end was summed up way too fast.