Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Five things

1. I finished the whole Bible in six months. It was a rush at the end of June, but I did it and I am glad I did!! I really liked reading through whole chapters at a time. I'm soaking in some Old Testament minor prophets right now. I'm reading entire books repeatedly and slowly. It is balm for my soul. I'm learning to love the Old Testament the more I read it. 

Oh, and once again, The reader's Bible is amazing!!!! 

2. I am potty training Warren. He's a champion potty trained. It is so much easier in the summer time. But still, it is such an exhausting part of parenting. I sent him in underwear to my parents last night, but he wasn't ready for that challenge. So great at home. Great when I take him to church or the store, but not if I leave him places... Oh well. It is going well. 

3. It is hot and humid and the boys want to be outside All. The. Time. Why? Tomorrow maybe we will do water balloons. 

4. I've been to the beach 3 times already this summer. That is more times than the last four or five years combined. 

5. I'm almost finished two books and it is only the middle of July. Yay, for having some time for books again. 

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