Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Today I am...

Tackling this mess in our room finally. 

It is going to take a few quiet times to sort this stuff and put it where it goes. I've just gotten used to it. Today is the day to start chipping away at this stack of boxes and finding them a home!!! 

The wire baskets are from our old wardrobe. We've been pulling stuff out of them since we moved. I have got to find them a permanent home. 

Also, why is there a hole in our floor? My pants and socks get caught on the grate, when I walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night. 
And isn't this corner awkward? The door you see leads to a closet. I need to paint it a fun color. The door to the bathroom (not shown) is to the left of the mirror and hamper. We are thinking of extending the wall from the bookshelves and making that area a little dressing room... Maybe. So far that is the best idea.  

Jared set up my desk a while ago, but it has just gathered clutter. Also, I haven't unpacked any of the boxes that were on the shelves above the desk. I guess I must not need all that stuff. 

It is a lot of putting stuff away and finding things homes. 

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