Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The best days

(The only picture I have from the last week - I took it during lunch break today to prove to Jared that we actually did go to the beach...which really doesn't prove we went to the beach - this could be any parking lot)

The best days rarely end up on film (or in pictures). Maybe that is why wedding photography is so sought after and expensive. The ordinary moments are when I remember to take pictures of my boys. The special moment evade capture.  They are almost to special to interrupt. 

For example:
• Last week my brother drove 16 hours to visit for 4 days. - I didn't get a picture with him any of the times he played with my boys or visited. Martin was just in awe of him and followed him around. 

• Last week I held my new niece for the second time and all six cousins were together for the first time. - I didn't get a picture. Really? 

• Last week my sister, who lives five hours away, was in town and visited several times with her son. - I didn't get a picture with her or of her or of her artwork on my sidewalk. We had the best visit as I worked in my kitchen and she chilled at my kitchen table. We used to have rooms right next door to each other and I miss moments like these. 

• This weekend our best friends from Mississippi drove all the way up to visit us. We miss our dear friends that we spent so much time with before they left. It was so good to be in close company again. - I did not take any pictures. 

• Today we went to the beach with sweet friends who introduced us to fishing and crabbing and wading in the bay, nature walks and bird watching, and sand sculptures on the beach.  - I didn't take a single picture!

It feels invasive almost to pull out my camera and take pictures in some of the best moments. Sometimes the best moments are those that you are entirely lost in the moment. Ones that are too precious and too wonderful to capture on camera. 

I am so grateful for all the moments this last week. It has been a special time. I have been loved and felt so loved. And all I can leave you with is a worn out baby picture. 

Also, a little public service announcement. Turn off your running water when you go outside to look at sunsets. 
As I was washing dishes, I noticed the clouds outside were a brilliant pink and rushed out to my front lawn to get a better look. I left the water running to fill up a pot because I didn't think I would be gone that long... When I returned inside the sink was one inch away from overflowing. It had filled the pot and the whole sink that the pot was in. *shakes head* Don't be like me. Be mesmerized by sunsets; don't flood your kitchen.  


Michelle said...

James looks so much like Martin in that photo!

faith said...

You are right. I hadn't even thought about it.

anna grace said...

I know what you mean! If Julianna is doing something especially cute, I think "I should take a picture!" But, if I go get the camera she won't be doing it anymore and I will have missed the moment. So, I take lots of mental pictures. (: