Friday, June 23, 2017

Cut that Counter off!

I've been wanting to do this since day one. I kept mentioning it to Jared or my Dad, but they are always busy with other projects. 

The boys were at the store with my parents to buy supplies for my sister's baby shower this weekend. I was all alone and cleaning the kitchen and I thought, "I should cut that off right now!"
"But you've never used the saw before. Danger danger!"
"I'm an engineer I can figure this out!"
"Danger danger. You'll probably cut off your arm."
"Oh no, that's true and I haven't showered yet today and I am in clothes for cleaning the house. What would they think of me in the emergency room?"
"What?!? That is the stupidest reason not to cut off the counter."

Don't you talk to yourself? 

It really opens up the space between the washer and dryer and counter. Now people will be able to pass by when someone else is unloading the dryer. It looks way more open in person. 

I had already forgotten how dark those closet doors made the kitchen and all those cabinets. 

Ps. These are taken on a rainy day. So the fireplace room looks super dark. On a sunny day that white paint has brightened up that room so much! 

And can we all agree that those cabinets are simply awful? I had already forgotten how dark they made everything. Even just primed white they are looking so much better! 

I painted the hardware black last week before or houseguest a came. I am loving the black and white contrast. I'm not normally a huge just black and white fan. I love color. But this is good. 

Every little bit makes it a more welcoming space to cook and eat in. :) I can't wait to add some more Windows, knock down some walls, and rearrange everything. But that is still a few years down the road. 

Do you use power tools? 


Sarah Brewer said...

Good job! It does make the space look better. I'm always so proud of myself whenever I do something around the house, even if it's something small like hanging photos on the wall. The only power tool I use without supervision is a drill.

anna grace said...

I don't think I would ever try to use Andrew's saw without him being present. But, come to think of it, I should learn to use some of his power tools! What's the harm - the loss of an arm? (-:

Also, I agree that it looks better without the counter sticking off. "Go job, Faith!"

faith said...

Well, I am glad you both agree. Not that I could do anything to fix it if you disagreed. Ha ha. Also, I am glad you both are able to comment on my blog again!!