Sunday, June 04, 2017

Bookshelves in schoolroom

(I'm hoping to get below the chair rail painted blue soon - I've finished the chair rail and the top). 

I just finished sorting my schoolbooks (an we aren't even doing real school yet - where did all these come from?!?):
Science (so many science books)
Art (okay, I have one art book)

Before (cats, cats, etc.)

Cat carpet
Cat screen door between this room and kitchen
Cat scratched doorframe

The floors in this room were pretty rough. But Jared sanded them an extra pass and went super slow. He managed to get up almost all the cat stains. My dad replaced the baseboard moulding in this room (a favorite toilet of the cats) and the smell is completely gone. 

(Before and after of the floors) 
You can see the shelves pulled up in the schoolroom. We were trying to get all the cat urine from below the shelves too (another favorite toilet area). There was carpet under there which we tore up. That helped a lot. We also sealed under the shelves. 

My sister's father-in-law is a master carpenter. He was over at the house helping my dad with a few things and he offered to fix the shelves. We had hoped to make them look more like built-ins in the future. 

We are so grateful that he was willing to jump in and spend two days making them look better than we could have ever made them look. They are incredible and one of my favorites parts of the house. 

This is from the day that we moved in. 
Aren't they amazing?!? 

This is a mash-up of the shelves - before and after a few months ago. The walls weren't painted yet. Since then, the older fiction has been moved to the shelves in the fireplace room. These selves are now all children's books and school books. 

More pictures when I get the walls painted. :) 

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