Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Art, Music, Nature, and Language study

We are prototyping some school things this summer. 
Our verse is up there on the wall. I'm kind of using fighter verses. 

Art study 
This is our art study. This week is sunflowers. I'm leaving a piece up for a week. As we look at each art piece we will talk about it and describe what we see and try to copy it with different type of mediums (I'm thinking of letting Martin try some acrylic paints this week and maybe a torn paper collage). 

Later this week we will be planting sunflower seeds and watching them grow. I have some books about how seeds germinate. We tried planting them in the yard earlier this spring and the squirrels are them. So, this time we will house them on the porch and transplant them. Should be fun. Martin is always begging to water plants. This will give him his own plants to care for. 

Martin flipped through the Van Gogh book and requested a boat picture next week. Any ideas for expanding that topic? 

Music study
This is the first stages of music study. A music teacher at church wrote down  some classical pieces that the boys might appreciate. We are going to start listening to music as we play sometimes. 

Nature study 
We started a notebook a few weeks ago and try to write down at least one thing we see outside each day. 

Language study 
I am thinking of starting A Spanish word each day with my kids... Any ideas for a curriculum that is young kid friendly? 

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Caitlin said...

I remember watching Muzzy cartoons as a kid to learn French. They make it in other languages and looks like they've updated it too since I watched it.