Tuesday, June 13, 2017

5 Things

1. We have house guests staying with us this weekend and I've done a few things like paint the kitchen cupboard hardware and reinstall them and put all the light switch covers back on, but then I find myself making globe string lights and painting the lamppost outside. I think I'm trying to avoid cleaning the house. 

2. My sister AND my brother are visiting this week. That will also add to my lack of productivity. Jared is traveling two nights this week and ESL training is this weekend... It is going to be a long, quick week. 

3. I tried to take pictures of them all in the bathroom mirror. The middle child ran away, the baby stopped looking, and Martin made weird faces. Boys. 

4. We took the boys to the beach on Saturday because the next two weeks are going to be CRAZY and we wanted to have some intentional family time. We never go to the beach. Jared and I don't like the beach, but the boys do. So we went. It wasn't too bad. 

5. It is train week. :) 

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