Thursday, May 04, 2017


We just love him. He loves being outside.  

He's not sure if he loves all of us. Sometimes he likes being left alone. 
He makes the best faces. 

Ps. This is the quit I made when I was 16 and finally finished a few years ago. It is normally our car quilt for picnics and such, but it has been being used in the yard for The baby recently. 

We have been soaking up the last few days outside because it is supposed to rain for the next three days. 

Yesterday, we caught a snake. 

And the boys begged and begged to touch him. So, the first thing Jared did when he came home from work was to hold it with them. Then they ate dinner and begged to hold the snake again.   Boys and snake and frogs ... Why? 


Sarah Brewer said...

I love all your little boys! They are so precious, and James does make the best faces! I can't wait until we are back in town and we won't have to travel 5 hours each way for Isaac to have the chance to play with his cousins.

Also - I hate snakes. I found a small one in the yard the other day when I was weeding but... I didn't keep it around.

faith said...

It is going to be wonderful when you are just down the street and Isaac actually knows who we are. :)

faith said...

And by knows who we are, I mean, is comfortable being around us. :)