Sunday, May 07, 2017

Firsts and painting update (I added more pictures)

Two things happened for the first time in our new house. 

1. We baked a yeast bread (I know, how have I gone three months without baking bread!?!). Because it was so good, we made another two loaves the next day. :) Another batch might be in works right now. We love homemade bread. 

2. I sewed something!!!!! 
(I was running late for the shower and quickly snapped this picture - the baby is a boy, but I don't like to make covers too boyish or girlish because then they can't be reused for other babies. I tried to match the color scheme of the registry items. The handles and light blue are leftover from Michelle's quilt.)

I had not realized how much I missed sewing until I unpacked my machine and started. Hello, old friend!! Hello, fabric scissors! Hello, cutting board. *happy sigh*

The sewing room is still a disaster because I'm keeping all my fabric, patterns, and thread in boxes into I get the baseboard moulding installed. Maybe next week... It took a while to find everything, but once I was started it felt so good to be back to sewing. I even pulled out two patterns to start today. 

My mom took care of the older boys for a few hours so I could finish some baby shower gifts. 

This is the inside of the car seat cover. It is a fabric I bought for Martin when I was pregnant with him. I loved it so much and made a few things out of it (bibs and curtains for his room) and saved the rest for something neat...but now he is too old for it. Better to use it then just let it sit around gathering dust (I realized when we moved that I have way too much fabric and just need to use it up and stop hoarding it). It seemed like such a great fabric to be interesting to a baby.

 I used my snap tool for the handles. :) Yay, snap tool!! 

And matching bibs and a burp cloth.

Update on painting the fireplace room
I finished cutting in three times. I did two cutting in while Jared watched a movie that I wasn't interested in. I just have to roll the top coat, maybe twice. The paneling is showing through, more then I thought, as the paint dries. 

And I had some leftover primer and painted the laundry room doors ... And the bathroom door... And the counter edge...and a couple cupboard doors (as a prototype). 😬 Hope Jared doesn't mind. I got a little carried away painting things last night... 
White>>wood paneling 
Keeping it real with all the junk on the counters. :) The paint brightens the kitchen so much!! See where I started painting the cabinets? Yay. 

A little before. 
Notice I painted that nasty counter edge where the trim had fallen off and it was brown in some spots (and on the other side, which you can't see, some of the trim was still on, it was so patchy. I hit it with white paint and made it all uniform.


Sarah Brewer said...

I love the cover you made, that fabric is really great! I know what you mean about hoarding supplies/material instead of using it. I'm trying to get better about using my best paintbrushes and good paper and fabric and art supplies instead of keeping them all pristine for something-special-I-might-need-to-make-someday-so-I-better-not-use-it-up-till-then.

I enjoy seeing photos of your renovation progress and look forward to seeing it in person in a month. I think the white walls will make a huge difference -- you're doing such a great job!

faith said...

It is so hard, but I'm trying to do better using up my favorite things. There will
Be more favorite things.