Saturday, May 13, 2017

ESL update

SAMs club to buy ESL party food. We almost made it through the store without fighting in this cart. 

People sometimes ask if they are twins... 

ESL dinner.  Not really good for you food. But so good.  

We had to move our picnic inside this year, but it was still fun. Thanks to my wonderful staff that turns on a dime and is so flexible when at 3pm and pouring outside and we decide to move the location inside. 

More of my ESL staff is moving away this year and it hurts. In my limited mind I fight against being annoyed at God's plan for ESL. Why do good teachers keep moving away and won't be able to teach again next year? I like the security of knowing that teachers are connecting well with students and teaching well thought out lessons and will be coming back next year. That is easy. It makes sense. I can do that. 

I fight for contentment with constantly having to recruit and train new staff. It is exhausting. But it is right where I need to be. I need to be resting in God's strength and not my own to organize ESL. 

And guess what? He does things beyond my wildest imagination. Next year we have six different churches attending training? And in the fall most of those churches will be helping with ESL. That is so amazing. It is not anything that I could have done. 

Plus, how do I even get a person to agree to come out 24 different nights during the year and plan lesson for a bunch of people from other countries that they don't even know?!? That is crazy. The fact that anyone signs up to help out is crazy. It is totally God working. I can't do that. 

I just keep doing the next thing. God is providing and keeping the ministry staffed. It is neat to watch how He does it.  

Oh, at the meal there were about 80 people. It was fun to visit with our students and their families outside of class. I am looking forward to year three!! 

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