Monday, May 22, 2017

Dear Red, it was always going to be you.

Back when I first saw this room, I told Jared, I want to paint the walls white, take the doors off the bookshelves, and paint the back of them red for a pop of color. But then I thought maybe I should opening myself to new possibilities and try some other colors (I love some reds and blues). 

However, when I found a sample of red in the garage Saturday it was all over. 

Hello, red!! I don't know where you came from and why you were in a box in my garage, but you were perfect! 8 oz of paint is just enough to cover the back of the shelves. 

More pictures once I unpack some more boxes, fill the shelves, and hang artwork. 

Happy rainy Monday! 


Michelle said...

They look great. And I'm loving the shirt. ;)

faith said...

It is a great shirt. I will be sad when it gets a hole in it.