Wednesday, May 03, 2017

5 things

1.  I picked (and ate) the First strawberry of the season!! Strawberries are my favorite fruit! 

2. I have already made 5 strawberry pies this year. 

3. The boys have colds. All of them. They are more whiney than normal. 

4. Discipline takes longer and is more involved when they are sick. Why do children misbehave while you are on the phone or nursing? It takes so much effort to put the baby down and deal with a situation. 

5. Throwing toys when we are angry has gotten way out of control in our house. I realized that I have been repeating myself over and over and over again, "don't throw your toys. Stop throwing your toys. Don't drop that book on the floor." 
And there is a balance between reminding children of the house rules and disciplining for an issue. I'm not an expect. I probably should have cracked down on this issue a few weeks ago, but I just realized that I am talking and NOBODY is listening to me. Before I get angry and frustrated, this needs to be dealt with the right way. :) So, the boys will be spending lots of time in the timeout chair this week. And I will be spending lots of time explaining obedience and why it is important. This parenting thing is so time consuming. 

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