Thursday, May 25, 2017

1916 Table Refinish

I have other before and after pictures. But when you flip the leaves over and compare the old finish next to the new finish... Wow! 

This is our new old school table (and Lego table and puzzle table and keep stuff away from the baby table). 

This table was given to my father's next door neighbor as a wedding present in 1916. Her name was Althaea. She was born in 1901. 

It has been in his garage for many years now. He offered it to us when we moved and I love reusing old stuff and making it lovely again. There is something special about an 100 year old table.  Plus, it is solid wood! 

I spent about three weeks sanding the table. Or maybe I should say that I took a three week break between sanding sessions. 

(Hello, built in bookshelves!) 
After about 30 minutes of sanding, on Saturday night, it was finished. Jared sealed the top for me. The left leaf is the only one not stained in this picture.  Then  7 coats of poly and two coats of paint on the bottom. 

(Sealed and not sealed wood) 

We thought about painting it a different color than the kitchen table, but we had more of this paint. So blue it was. 

I'm in love with the top. It is even prettier in person and it matches the floors. :) There are several gashes and dents that didn't come out when it was sanded, but it gives the table more character. 

The boys were quick to test it out with some Legos, puzzles, flash cards, and school work. 

It is perfect for the space. I love it when you envision something and it turned out like you had hoped! We will use it for many many projects and for lots of schoolwork. It will probably be featured a lot the background of pictures in the future. 

•Table - free!
•Sandpaper - leftover from floor refinishing, free!
•Sealer (Bona, Amber) - leftover, free!
•Poly (Bona Mega) - leftover, free! 
•Paint - found in garage from former owner, added in some of my own acrylic paints, free! 

Sanding - 3 hours
Poly, finish - 30ish minutes spread out over two days
Paint - two 30 minute coats

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cindy said...

What a joy!!! It looks terrific!