Wednesday, May 31, 2017

5 Things

1. Hey hey, floors! You make me happy. It is wonderful when a project turns out as good as you had hoped. 

Oh, and hello pile of boxes that I'm planning on making into things for the boys. So far there are two mailboxes, a house, and a trash truck. 

2. Granddad came over last week and helped the boys install moulding in the last two rooms. Thanks so much! Now I can start unpacking the sewing room and finish the guest room. I am thankful the boys get to spend so much time with my Dad and learn things from him. It is fun to watch them "work". 

Jared hung up most of the pictures this weekend. Yay, for more boxes out of my schoolroom. 

3. Last week at ESL a storm started when we did. It was gorgeous and impressive and reminder of how awesome (and terrifying) God is. 

4. I haven't taken any pictures this week or cooked impressive meals or sewed anything. But I am reading a book and catching up on Bible reading. I'm still trying to finish the whole Bible in 6 months (which means I have 30 days), but I've fallen woefully behind with the move and being sick (I've been sleeping in instead of getting up early before the boys). However, after over a month of coughing fits, I think a nurse friend has figured out my problem and I've slept through the night three nights this week and have gotten up early every day this week. πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ Loving my quiet time and tea in the morning. 

5. Looking at school curriculum is OVERWHELMING!! More on that another time. 

Thursday, May 25, 2017

1916 Table Refinish

I have other before and after pictures. But when you flip the leaves over and compare the old finish next to the new finish... Wow! 

This is our new old school table (and Lego table and puzzle table and keep stuff away from the baby table). 

This table was given to my father's next door neighbor as a wedding present in 1916. Her name was Althaea. She was born in 1901. 

It has been in his garage for many years now. He offered it to us when we moved and I love reusing old stuff and making it lovely again. There is something special about an 100 year old table.  Plus, it is solid wood! 

I spent about three weeks sanding the table. Or maybe I should say that I took a three week break between sanding sessions. 

(Hello, built in bookshelves!) 
After about 30 minutes of sanding, on Saturday night, it was finished. Jared sealed the top for me. The left leaf is the only one not stained in this picture.  Then  7 coats of poly and two coats of paint on the bottom. 

(Sealed and not sealed wood) 

We thought about painting it a different color than the kitchen table, but we had more of this paint. So blue it was. 

I'm in love with the top. It is even prettier in person and it matches the floors. :) There are several gashes and dents that didn't come out when it was sanded, but it gives the table more character. 

The boys were quick to test it out with some Legos, puzzles, flash cards, and school work. 

It is perfect for the space. I love it when you envision something and it turned out like you had hoped! We will use it for many many projects and for lots of schoolwork. It will probably be featured a lot the background of pictures in the future. 

•Table - free!
•Sandpaper - leftover from floor refinishing, free!
•Sealer (Bona, Amber) - leftover, free!
•Poly (Bona Mega) - leftover, free! 
•Paint - found in garage from former owner, added in some of my own acrylic paints, free! 

Sanding - 3 hours
Poly, finish - 30ish minutes spread out over two days
Paint - two 30 minute coats

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Doll and Dress

(Side note: Those wood floors!! Love love love - also, wood floors in a sewing room are the best! It is so much easier to sweep up threads.)

I have been wanting to make this dress and doll for a while. It suddenly dawned on me that I have a niece and I could make her them. Plus, she is about to be a big sister and I thought she might like her own "baby". 

This is a fabric that I have been hoarding for a while. I love it. It is one of my favorites. 

The dress is lined. I adore it. And it makes me want to make labels for gthfaith. That would be so cute on clothes and stuff animals. I've thought about it for years, but never actually done it. 

This is the first attempt at her eyes. I didn't like them. Also, I could never get the nose right. So, she remained noseless. 

The flower is attached by a snap. I made a hat that snaps and plan to make several other things as accessories for her in the future. 

Here are the eyes I settled on. Still not perfect. But I wanted to give her to my niece before her new baby brother or sister comes. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Dear Red, it was always going to be you.

Back when I first saw this room, I told Jared, I want to paint the walls white, take the doors off the bookshelves, and paint the back of them red for a pop of color. But then I thought maybe I should opening myself to new possibilities and try some other colors (I love some reds and blues). 

However, when I found a sample of red in the garage Saturday it was all over. 

Hello, red!! I don't know where you came from and why you were in a box in my garage, but you were perfect! 8 oz of paint is just enough to cover the back of the shelves. 

More pictures once I unpack some more boxes, fill the shelves, and hang artwork. 

Happy rainy Monday! 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Yellow or Red

Okay... Should I leave the bookshelves yellow or paint them red? Maybe I'll photoshop red in and see if I like it. 

Also, those white walls are so amazing! I love them. The trim isn't finished, but the walls are!!!! 

Book Map

This will show up again sometime in the future after it fills up more. Today we started something I've wanted to do for a while. We are marking where each book we read takes place by placing a little circle with a picture from the story colored on it. 

These are just today's books with the two chapter books we've read this year. Hopefully, each day we will add a few more.   

I'm already aware that we need to find some books that take place in Asia, Africa, and South America. Most books take place in America or Europe. So, if you have any suggestions let me know! 

Also, I have a separate sheet of paper above the map for books that don't specify a town, but could be anywhere (i.e. mike mulligan) and books that are purely imanginary (aka Dr. Suess).

This is going to be fun. 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

ESL update

SAMs club to buy ESL party food. We almost made it through the store without fighting in this cart. 

People sometimes ask if they are twins... 

ESL dinner.  Not really good for you food. But so good.  

We had to move our picnic inside this year, but it was still fun. Thanks to my wonderful staff that turns on a dime and is so flexible when at 3pm and pouring outside and we decide to move the location inside. 

More of my ESL staff is moving away this year and it hurts. In my limited mind I fight against being annoyed at God's plan for ESL. Why do good teachers keep moving away and won't be able to teach again next year? I like the security of knowing that teachers are connecting well with students and teaching well thought out lessons and will be coming back next year. That is easy. It makes sense. I can do that. 

I fight for contentment with constantly having to recruit and train new staff. It is exhausting. But it is right where I need to be. I need to be resting in God's strength and not my own to organize ESL. 

And guess what? He does things beyond my wildest imagination. Next year we have six different churches attending training? And in the fall most of those churches will be helping with ESL. That is so amazing. It is not anything that I could have done. 

Plus, how do I even get a person to agree to come out 24 different nights during the year and plan lesson for a bunch of people from other countries that they don't even know?!? That is crazy. The fact that anyone signs up to help out is crazy. It is totally God working. I can't do that. 

I just keep doing the next thing. God is providing and keeping the ministry staffed. It is neat to watch how He does it.  

Oh, at the meal there were about 80 people. It was fun to visit with our students and their families outside of class. I am looking forward to year three!! 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

This is the only picture I have taken the last three days. 

Monday was a normal catch up on groceries and cleaning day. 

Yesterday we went hiking with granddad, went strawberry picking, and then to visit GC. Jared was traveling for work (but now he is home!!!). We try to stay really busy while he is away so we don't lose our minds. 

Today is more catching up, but mostly relaxing from all the busyness. We've already done a lot of Legos, read some books, made granola and bread, and cleaned. 

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Firsts and painting update (I added more pictures)

Two things happened for the first time in our new house. 

1. We baked a yeast bread (I know, how have I gone three months without baking bread!?!). Because it was so good, we made another two loaves the next day. :) Another batch might be in works right now. We love homemade bread. 

2. I sewed something!!!!! 
(I was running late for the shower and quickly snapped this picture - the baby is a boy, but I don't like to make covers too boyish or girlish because then they can't be reused for other babies. I tried to match the color scheme of the registry items. The handles and light blue are leftover from Michelle's quilt.)

I had not realized how much I missed sewing until I unpacked my machine and started. Hello, old friend!! Hello, fabric scissors! Hello, cutting board. *happy sigh*

The sewing room is still a disaster because I'm keeping all my fabric, patterns, and thread in boxes into I get the baseboard moulding installed. Maybe next week... It took a while to find everything, but once I was started it felt so good to be back to sewing. I even pulled out two patterns to start today. 

My mom took care of the older boys for a few hours so I could finish some baby shower gifts. 

This is the inside of the car seat cover. It is a fabric I bought for Martin when I was pregnant with him. I loved it so much and made a few things out of it (bibs and curtains for his room) and saved the rest for something neat...but now he is too old for it. Better to use it then just let it sit around gathering dust (I realized when we moved that I have way too much fabric and just need to use it up and stop hoarding it). It seemed like such a great fabric to be interesting to a baby.

 I used my snap tool for the handles. :) Yay, snap tool!! 

And matching bibs and a burp cloth.

Update on painting the fireplace room
I finished cutting in three times. I did two cutting in while Jared watched a movie that I wasn't interested in. I just have to roll the top coat, maybe twice. The paneling is showing through, more then I thought, as the paint dries. 

And I had some leftover primer and painted the laundry room doors ... And the bathroom door... And the counter edge...and a couple cupboard doors (as a prototype). 😬 Hope Jared doesn't mind. I got a little carried away painting things last night... 
White>>wood paneling 
Keeping it real with all the junk on the counters. :) The paint brightens the kitchen so much!! See where I started painting the cabinets? Yay. 

A little before. 
Notice I painted that nasty counter edge where the trim had fallen off and it was brown in some spots (and on the other side, which you can't see, some of the trim was still on, it was so patchy. I hit it with white paint and made it all uniform.

Saturday, May 06, 2017

And so it begins at last...

I couldn't sleep after our last ESL class on Thursday and I cut in the whole room. Today I started to roll. 

I'm going to have to cut in with the primer a second time, but I think the rolled part will be okay with one coat. 

I'm so excited!! 

Thursday, May 04, 2017


We just love him. He loves being outside.  

He's not sure if he loves all of us. Sometimes he likes being left alone. 
He makes the best faces. 

Ps. This is the quit I made when I was 16 and finally finished a few years ago. It is normally our car quilt for picnics and such, but it has been being used in the yard for The baby recently. 

We have been soaking up the last few days outside because it is supposed to rain for the next three days. 

Yesterday, we caught a snake. 

And the boys begged and begged to touch him. So, the first thing Jared did when he came home from work was to hold it with them. Then they ate dinner and begged to hold the snake again.   Boys and snake and frogs ... Why? 

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

5 things

1.  I picked (and ate) the First strawberry of the season!! Strawberries are my favorite fruit! 

2. I have already made 5 strawberry pies this year. 

3. The boys have colds. All of them. They are more whiney than normal. 

4. Discipline takes longer and is more involved when they are sick. Why do children misbehave while you are on the phone or nursing? It takes so much effort to put the baby down and deal with a situation. 

5. Throwing toys when we are angry has gotten way out of control in our house. I realized that I have been repeating myself over and over and over again, "don't throw your toys. Stop throwing your toys. Don't drop that book on the floor." 
And there is a balance between reminding children of the house rules and disciplining for an issue. I'm not an expect. I probably should have cracked down on this issue a few weeks ago, but I just realized that I am talking and NOBODY is listening to me. Before I get angry and frustrated, this needs to be dealt with the right way. :) So, the boys will be spending lots of time in the timeout chair this week. And I will be spending lots of time explaining obedience and why it is important. This parenting thing is so time consuming. 

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

No bananas (and weakness)

Yes, we have no bananas!! 
We have no bananas today. 
**end singing**

Ps. Those are organic bananas at the right of the picture. 

This is the problem getting to the grocery store early (8:30ish), things aren't stocked. If we come later they are stocked, but there are more people and more of a chance the boys will bang one of their little carts into those people. 

We fluctuate between the two options because I can't decide which is worse. I love shopping when the store is empty. It is more peaceful. The boys are happier earlier (i.e.  Not close to lunch and quiet time). They obey better. But food isn't stocked... 

I don't have an answer. 

James is just happy to go grocery shopping or do anything. He's pretty much the most jolly baby. We should have named him Mark Taply (from Martin Cuzzlewit). 

Postings will probably be pretty random this week. I'm going on day 10 of little to no sleep. I've had this annoying cough for the past 10 days. It gets worse when I lie down. I wake up in the middle of the night several times coughing and can't breath. It is weird. Jared insisted that I call the doctor this week, but they can't see me until Thursday. 

Anyhow, my brain isn't working well on so little sleep. But you know what I'm learning? In my weakness God is strong. Weakness makes me depend on Him all the more. With a exhausting third pregnancy, a new baby, mono, and now this weird cough, He is strong. God gives strength to do what He has called you to do. And seeing your weakness is a good thing. It quenches my pride. It makes me pray more, for myself and others. To Him be all the glory.