Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Yellow or Red?

The walls will be almost white. The bookshelves are staying wood. The bricks are staying brick. 

Now, should the wall behind the bookshelves be yellow or red? 

I had a bit of yellow leftover from my old kitchen and I decided it was easier to test out yellow and then go to red if I hated it. It would be harder to come back from red to yellow. 

Why do you think? I think I'll leave it yellow for now and then maybe change it once the walls are painted white. 

Update: Jared votes for red. I still think I'm going to work on the walls first. 

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Sarah Brewer said...

At first I thought yellow, because books on those shelves might stand out better with a lighter color. But then I thought that a warm red would be nice too. I have a terrible time trying to visualize colors on walls and stuff, so I think that painting the one yellow to try it out was really smart. I agree that I would wait until I painted the walls white to finalize my choice.