Friday, April 14, 2017


... I started to clean the bathroom, got distracted by cleaning the groat, and ended up just painting the cabinet. That's  how most projects go around here these days. Then quiet time was over and I had to take care of the goobs. 

... We watched birds out the back window and read books about how birds live. Maybe we will paint birds or make a bird feeder next week... But I will probably get distracted. 

... Two years old continues to be a rough year sometimes (more for them not for me - I understand it is just a phase). It is probably my favorite age for interaction. They have the funniest conversations with you. However, they also like to test the boundaries. The past few weeks Warbie has lost all crib privileges. He tore up books two day and destroyed a car on another day. Once his toys were taken away during quiet time he resorted to stripping his bedding and dumping it all over the floor. Jared told him that he would be punished if he took his bed apart again. So, how did I find him today?  

He took off his clothes.

Thought process: "Well, if I can't have my toys or books or take apart my bed, what else can I destroy? Hmmmm. All I have are these clothes I am wearing... I'll show them!"
Takes off clothes. Throws across room. 
"Oh no! It is cold! Where is mom? Why are my clothes over there? Where is the baby? Maybe I can feed him some Cheerios off the floor? Why am I cold? Where are my clothes? Mom!!! Put my clothes back on!" 

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Anonymous said...

As trying as these days can be... they will be gone before you know it. And, when you aren't the one in the midst of it ... you can smile with great memories