Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Shelves in the kitchen...

Happy thought indeed. 

The kitchen needed some plants. The plants needed to be divided. I recycled a shelving unit from one of the bathrooms to hold my baby plants. Don't worry, I cleaned the shelves off really well. 

Eventually, when the kitchen is gutted and remodeled, this will probably be a window seat with shelves on both sides. I'm a big fan of prototypes to see if the idea fits the space. 

For now these plants are making this space so cheerful. 

Also, I probably won't post again this week or weekend. It is crazy busy. Three more weeks d ESL and then we move on to planning for next year! Next year is so exciting. We will be partnering with two or three churches in our area to grow the ministry. I am so thankful for these people that challenge me. God is teaching me much about His grace and how his plans are so much bigger than our plans. 

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