Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Chalkboard Wall and Morning Time

I've been working on this project (and a few others) in my spare time the last two weeks. 

I forgot to take a before picture. It had the same wallpaper on it as the kitchen wall. There was wallpaper to tear off and then the glue to remove. Removing wallpaper glue is a sticky mess, but this came of super easy compared to the horror stories I read online. 

Next, there were holes to patches and sand, switch plates to remove, and wires to cap off (my dad taught me how to put a wire nut on).  Finally, I wiped everything down and primed the wall. 

Primed and ready to go. 

1. Look at the project list on the left. I am checking things off and adding new things all the time. 

2. We are starting a little more organized morning time during breakfast. 
•I hope to read through the Bible verses several times each morning and work on memorizing them. 
• in the future we will add the catechism work here too. 
• the missionary of the week or month (depending on how those weeks go) will get prayed for each day and maybe a letter written to them. 
• the hymn will change every few months. We are going to work on memorizing some new hymns. Just singing them at night isn't working to get enough memorized. 
• in the future I hope to also add a book that we are read from, a piece of classical music to listen to, and some art appreciation (maybe we will work on copying some famous art or just do our own art projects while we listen to music or me reading). 

3. I am workin on a chore chart. I'll post that when I am finished. 

Anyhow, that's my latest finished project. I patched and painted a doorframe this week. And I've been spending lots of time freshening up the downstairs bathroom (which is really just painting everything white that used to be tan - looks so much better). Pictures coming soon. 

Suggestions for favorite classical pieces?  What music should we listen to? What art work or artist should we study? 

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