Saturday, April 15, 2017

Boys' bathroom?

Am I hip enough to use mason jars as the boys' bathroom sconces? This is a prototype. I would take down the light an do it the right way and probably paint the chain and ceiling hanger a more matte color, maybe black (because I have black spray paint). I'm going to leave this for a few days (or weeks) and see if it grows on me. 

Also, funny story, I pronounced that word as scone until a month ago. Jared corrected me. I still think scone sounds better than sconce. 

I kind of like them wrapped in rope. Maybe have a outdoors/camping sort of theme for the bathroom. And by that I mean greenish walls and maybe a few wood accents. 

1 comment:

Annuh said...

I really like your mason jar light prototype! I feel like the rope might make it difficult to clean since it is in the bathroom. But, that is just my 2 cents.