Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The List

I'm a list person (if you scroll back through my blog since college you will see lots of lists) and I'm a paper person (no lists on my phone for me). I like to visually see progress. Jared sent me (in an email) a list of items that need to be accomplished sooner rather than later. I converted it to paper. 

This isn't everything to do. That list would be too long. This one doesn't even include painting and unpacking boxes. Those will be added later. 

This is just a few of the things we hope to accomplish in the next few months. It is handy to glance over and choose an item to tackle when I have a few spare minutes. It is also rewarding to see items moved to the finished side. 

I spent the last two quiet times scrubbing that floor in the fireplace room. Now I can move that over! Last night Jared put all the doors back on upstairs. Another item off the list (and the bonus of keeping the house warmer since there is no heat upstairs). 

That wall better enjoy it's short useful life. It is coming down in a year or two. :) 

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