Monday, March 20, 2017

5 things

Life has been very busy lately. 

So, 5 quick things. 

1. I've taught ESL the last four weeks and as much as I love it and the students, it is also really exhausting (it could be that I spend way too much time on my lesson plans...). English is so confusing. Teaching a math class would be so much easier. But then it would be all about me and not about what God can do through my weakness. I haven't scared any of the students off yet...
Anyhow, the boys are getting a little tired of hearing that I am working on somethings ESL related. I also presented at another church about partnering together this week. It went well. Hopefully a blog post about that some time in the future. I've been trying to spend my little bits of free time with the boys, so, no fancy house projects right now. 

2. I made open faced sandwiches for dinner tonight (chicken, cheddar, and apple on bagettes). We had grapes and broccoli on the side. Why don't I do sandwiches more often? It is super easy. 

3. I cooked and shredded chicken for three meals this week. Two portions I froze for this weekend. One is for tomorrow night. Future Faith thanks me. 

4. People give you lots of stuff when you move. So far we have acquired:
2 couches
1 end table
2 lamps
1 sitting chair
1 desk chair
6 Dining chairs
2 dining tables
5 kid chairs
1 kid table (on loan) 
A curtain for a window

I am purposely keeping the spare room empty. I need some empty space. 

5. My plants need to be watered. 

Menu for the week:
•Open face chicken, Apple, and cheddar sandwiches
•Minestrone and crusty bread
•Shrimp Etouffee and rice
•Spaghetti and Meatballs
•Chicken & Cheese quesadilla pie

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