Saturday, February 11, 2017


I only took one shot of the finished floors today. I paired it with two before photos I had.  

Same spot in the room, just from different angles. 
Before photo is looking out of living room towards front door. 
After is from the front door looking into the room. 

These are both looking in, but you can't see the corner with the most damage from the cats in the before. Almost all of stains are gone! 

Goodbye ugly stained carpet. 
Goodbye cat stained hardwood. 
Goodbye cat smell. 
Goodbye shelf full of cat figurines. :)

I LOVE the way they turned out. I just keep looking at them and looking at them. I can't believe how beautiful they are. I'll post more photos (probably in a few months when we get more settled in and I have time) of all the other rooms. The master bedroom is the only one that we couldn't get the stains much lighter. It must have been the cats favorite room. Ugh. 

Time: Jared probably put about 80 hours into them. I had about 20. 

Equipment used: drum sander and edger sander. We rented them for three days for about $400. We bought a pole sander for the finished sanding job and a squeegee to apply sealer. We owned everything else we used. 

Sealer and Poly: Bona Amber is the seal. Bona Mega the poly. We purchase them online for about $500. 

Rooms: four bedrooms, a sewing room, one hallway, living room, and school room. 

Square footage: 1200sqft. 

Total cost ended up being around $1000. I haven't added up all the receipts yet. Quotes for the floor were $3000-$4000.


Jeanne said...

While we don't have cat figures or smell... we have THREE inside doors with little cat doors cut out and installed on the bottom. The doors still work but I will be happy to see them go... one day! For now, one of them is used to poke small hands through for puppet shows. Kids are amusing 😉

faith said...

We have one door that has a hole cut out for the cat door, but no door. :) just a big hole.