Saturday, January 07, 2017


It snowed 10" around here. That is rare. We are usually happy with 3". The boys, Martin especially, are loving the snow. They've been out three different times for over an hour.  Jared took two of those trips while I was feeding the baby. But I did make it out and I spent most of the time running around to keep warm. :) 

In my spare time I've been working on slides for an ESL presentation, made waffles, bacon, and eggs for second breakfast (after the first round of snow playing) and made a new kind of soup (I'll probably blog about it because it was delicious).  

I also fixed three of our window blinds that the boys had broken. I'd take photos and tell you how to replace a broken slat, but there are several really good YouTube videos. It is pretty easy and it looks so much better then have a broken (or taped) slat. If you have a broken slat, look up a video and fix it!! You can do it. Really. You can do it. It takes about five minutes. 

The chickens aren't big fans of snow. 


Faith said...

This is so cute!!! It only snowed very lightly for about five minutes here, thankfully. Snow always shuts out city down, here in the Deep South.
I always feel like a superwoman when I fix something around the house!!

faith said...

Yes! It is a great feeling when something is an easy fix and makes a huge difference in how it looks. It does make you feel like a hero. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the top picture so much. Cutie patooties. Julianna did not want to be outside - too cold. Maybe next year!

- Anna

Anonymous said...

The top picture is soooo cute!!