Saturday, January 28, 2017

New Series

Maybe instead of new series it should say, "first series ever". Yesterday we closed on a house (more on the house later). It is dated, but livable while we update things a little at a time. So, lots of home projects and before and after pictures will be coming. 

The previous owner loved cats. I mean LOVED cats. I've never seen so many cat figures and pictures and rugs and shower curtains. It was crazy. 

The first things to go where all the carpets. Goodbye cat hair. Goodbye smell. Next up is refinishing the hardwood floors that were below the carpets. When those are finished in about two weeks we will officially move our stuff over. I will post lots of pictures, but not now. I have all the before pictures loaded to a Flickr account just for house projects. 

(Look at all those cats!!!!! Yes, these is a screen door between the dining room and kitchen...see it on the far right... It is now out with the carpets on the back porch.)

How did the name of the series come about? My dad had a coworker that would tell him whenever anything broke around the house, "so, you want to be a homeowner, do you?" That is too long of a name for a series... SYWTBAHODO? It is shorten to HODO (the home owner series). 

We have a whole notebook of ideas and I can't wait to share them with you all as we check them off the list. 

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