Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Schedules and Posts

Because I am starting some schoolwork with Martin, i have realized that my days need to have a little more structure. Also, when you have one child, they set the schedule. Go-with-the-flow planning even works with two children. While one is sleeping, you play with the other one. Most of the time you just include the you get child with whatever the oldest is doing. "Oh, you want to paint? Okay. It is painting time for everyone!" But throw a third child in the mix and a child that wants to start reading and doing schoolwork and being more intentional is required. 

Also, having a newborn just throws everyone's sleep schedule out the window. But we are stabilizing now. The boys sleep well. James has a mostly establish pattern. I'm missing my early morning alone time (tea, devotions, and gym (some mornings)). I think in January I'll be almost through mono, hopefully, and ready to wake up at 5:30am. My body is still needing the 6:30-7am time for now. And I have to figure out the whole nursing before gym thing or maybe  just going early and hoping the baby doesn't wake up while I'm gone... I'm not sure how that will work. This is the first baby that Jared has had a later office start time, which means the gym is actually a possibility in the morning. 

Coming in 2017, a schedule for the Sheltons, meal planning by the month (instead of week), more sit down schoolwork, scheduled read-out-loud time, planned outings, scheduled blog posts (I'm thinking three days a week), and more. Maybe we'll think of a house project or two and try some new recipes.

Now to just sit down and plan our weekly schedule. Any suggestions? What things should I schedule in? 

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