Friday, December 16, 2016

Drawer Organizing

Is this weird? 

I put pant and shirts on their sides so that I can see everything that is clean. I try to put clean clothes in the back so that they rotate through. 

I roll matching pajamas up together.  It makes it so much easier to find them. 

Do you have any children's clothing tips? 

I need to figure out something for socks. Right now the boys share a drawer. Sometimes Warren wears socks that are too big and sometimes Martin wear socks that are too small. Other than getting a new dresser, which we have no room for, I don't have any other solutions for socks right now. 

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cindy said...

maybe put in those cheap mesh bags that you wash lingerie in--
you could even put the same sizes in bag as you wash and ry and throw it back in the drawer
have 2 bags for each size just brainstorming by myself here... even sew something on bags to identifyI

also saw recently somebody did those Kam snaps to keep matching socks together--I guess put snaps on outside of tops so they wouldn't but you wearing them You could do a color for each sie and then snap together in wash and dry--then already paired to go in drawer