Thursday, December 15, 2016

A little update

We've been doing a lot of reading. I finished a book this week! I stayed up late a few nights this week to read. 😳 One of my friends sent me the first Emily book by L.M. Montgomery for Christmas. She is a fun read. Not as charming as Anne, but enjoyable. They make me want to go visit P.E. Island again. I have the second two books on hold from the library. 

We have been enjoying our table under the stairs in the play closet. This room (closet) is still one of my favorite places in the house. What a great space. It just makes me happy to be in there.

It makes me laugh because we often are sharing the same 12sqft, which is a little more than 1% of the house. I love having them in my space (most of the time). Some day they won't want to be anywhere near me (or each other). So, I am soaking it all in now while I have them. I love the little years!! 

Faith of ten years ago is flabbergasted that present Faith is saying that. She had no idea what being a mom would do to her sense of what-really-matters. And she didn't think she would ever really like kids and would rather work and use her degree... She was wrong. She likes her own kids and she uses her degree all the time while managing children. 

James is a pretty happy baby. He is usually only grumpy when he is hungry or sleepy or wants attention. But as soon as one of us talks to him he cheers up. He especially loves his brothers. He is sweet.

I've been working on some more Christmas presents. We've finished wrapping almost everything and putting together boxes to send to family. It was so much more relaxing to finish Christmas shopping in November. It has given me a chance to work on a few extra things that I didn't think I would have time for. A friend gave me five yards of vintage wool and it was perfect for a project that I had been wanting to do. Pictures coming after Christmas. :) 

We are looking forward to doing some more Christmas baking next week. Is there something you make every year? We do chocolate covered prezels. Now that the kids are older, I might start doing gingerbread or sugar cookies... We will see. Do you have any other traditions? 

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