Monday, November 07, 2016

Thankful day 6-10

6. For sleep. When I'm pregnant I wake up four to five times a night to use the bathroom and often can't fall back asleep right away. I did a lot of middle of the night reading before James arrived. So life is great once the baby comes and I get 3-5 hours of sleep at a time!!  Sleep is gift from God and I am so grateful for every little bit I get. 

7. For health. Having three boys and a husband with colds is never fun, but it could be way worse. God has blessed us with good health and I try to take advantage of that. 
Yes, running ESL while being pregnant was hard and semi-directing while having mono and a newborn is exhausting, but it just makes me depend on God for the strength and staff. He always provides ad richly. I doubt it sometime, but He always provides. We had a missions conference speaker a few years ago that inspired me. He said:
God provides great energy to His people to do His work. 
I have found that to be incredibly true. Last year, I was exhausted and worn out every day while being pregnant, however, Thursday night's would roll around and I would feel good ( not always great, but way better than I had been feeling just hours before). God sustains. He provides. Blessed be His name. 
John Piper has a great quote that I try to remember while working in ministries: 
"It you are sufficient for your task then it is too small."
I want to use what little energy I have for his kingdom. It is hard some days, but it is worth it. 

8. For my chickens. They make me laugh. 

9. For beauty. I love the fall leaves and my summer flowers. Winter snows are spring rainy days are lovely. What a creative God we have. I am thankful the world isn't the same. It would be boring. But it is not. It is beautiful! 

10. For people that bring you meals when you are sick. :) I have a post about this almost written. So many people have blessed us with food while I have been sick. So many meals. So many loving friends stopping by to take care of my family. It is humbling. We feel so loved.

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