Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Thankful day 1 - 5

I am thankful for:
 ...Jared. He has taken such good care of me since James was born (and always). He cleans the house and washes clothes and changes diapers in the middle of the night so that I can rest. He makes me laugh and reminds me of what really matters. 

2. & 3. & 4. 
 ...these two squatters that found in the backyard today. I invited them in for dinner. :) We have so much fun together. I am so grateful that they are patience with me while I have to be paying attention to the baby and while I have been sick. They are so sweet and I love how they love each other. And I adore their imaginations!! 

We have such a great backyard (for the area we live in). I love my big tree in the middle of the yard and all the space we have to run around. It really isn't that much space, but it feels like it by the way it is laid out. I love it. Also, I love this cooler weather. Is that five? Oh well. 

...Sweet baby James. I don't really know him yet, but he seems to be a good fit and he is very sweet. 

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