Tuesday, November 29, 2016

School happens

Today, as we were making gingerbread cookie dough, I heard, "Mom, look we can blow on this molasses and it gets wider." 

I looked over and the two boys are blowing their hearts out over a little drip of molasses. And yes, it was getting wider. I had let Martin pour the molasses and some of it had spilled on the counter. Baking with kids is messy and slow, but it keeps them busy and hopefully teaches them something. 

Perfect science lesson moment!! Let's study viscosity. I put some cookie dough on the counter and had them blow on it. It didn't move. Then we tried water and soup suds and discussed the differences in how they moved. 

"Mom, the soap really spreads out!!"

And then everything got mixed together and even the cookie dough moved when soap was under it (brief mention of friction thrown in). We didn't get to surface tension. Maybe next time. 

Wouldn't it be great if I could work the gospel into all our conversations as easily as science? That doesn't come as easily to me. However, the more I practice the better I become at weaving it into life. Having children has helped me practice  speaking about what I believe. It is easy to think about things in your head, but harder to explain them to others. There's my bit of encouragement to you. Keep practicing and it gets easier. 

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Ginger said...

So true. And a good reminder to share the gospel.