Tuesday, October 04, 2016

What's in the freezer

Before the baby was born I made a list of everything as I put it in the freezer so I would be able to make meals quickly. I just doubled a lot of meals the last month I was pregnant an threw half of it in ye freezer. Since, the freezer is small I only freeze parts of meals, usually the meat. 

I put other items on the back of the list, such as waffles, fruit, and English muffins. 

And I knew my brain wouldn't be working completely so I made suggestions on what to use each of the items for. 

As I use them I am crossing them out. As you can see, I've only used two meals so far since James was born. I'm using a third tonight and trying to decide which one appeals to me. I had planned white bean chicken chili on my meal plan, but we had burritos brought to us last night and I think we should do something other than more tex-mex. I'm leaning towards grilled chipotle chicken (which is kind of still tex-mex) on salads.  

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