Sunday, October 30, 2016


(The littles)
Last Thursday I had bloodwork done to see why I've been sick. It came back positive for mono. 

In many ways that is reassuring. It is nice to know what is wrong with me. I'm glad all these crazy fevers and rashes and swollen tonsils can be explained. In other ways it is very intimidating. I am hoping I've had it for a few months and just didn't notice because pregnancy is tiring. Because otherwise, I'm not sure how I'll have the energy to take care of three small children while being so tired. But God always provides. These things help us depend on Him for strengthen instead of ourselves. 

(Little hams)
We are very grateful for all the extra meals and help our church family has offered. I just started to break into my freezer meals after almost a month. And we've only ordered out once. :) We have done a lot of breakfast for dinner. 

(birthday present)
And I have a great "school" curriculum that I'm doing with the boys. It is based off children literature. We read a book for five days in a row and talk about all sorts of aspects of the story, from the artwork to counting objects to discussing the plants and animals in each book to baking items similar to the book and all sorts of fun things. I'm doing it less do schoolwork and more just to have planned activities because I've been exhausted and unable to be as creative as normal on the fly. 

The boys have been great helps with the new baby and everyone is sleeping as well as you can with a new baby. God is good. There are so many things to be thankful for. 

(That face!)


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