Thursday, October 27, 2016

Constant Motion

They pretty much never stop. Also, those cheeks! Those eyes! Oh, Warren! We love you. 

We had the Orange bowl out the night before because Warren was throwing up. Thankfully, it only lasted three hours (12:30-3:30am - always in the middle of the night) and no one has gotten sick since then. 

In the morning Martin decided that the bowl was a "soldier hat". Yes, the bowl was clean and scrubbed out with soap. But still! Ewwww.  He pulled the purple bowl out and he and Warren marched around like soldiers and "helped people because the fire fighters were busy". 

It is certainly never boring around here (or quiet). James seems to be the only one is still and who can sleep through all the noise. :) And for that I am very grateful! I don't think I could have managed a throwing up toddler and a crying baby well. 

Someday I will get back to normal blogging and have stories about things other than illness. 

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