Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Staying Ahead

Life is a bit busy right now. Isn't it always?!? I am trying to stay ahead of the laundry, dishes, food, putting away clothes, diapers, and house cleaning. You never know when a baby will show up. And who want to come home exhausted to a messy house or no food to eat? 

The dryer broke Friday night and it was going to cost almost as much to fix it as buy a new one because the motor was broken. So, we have a new dryer! I am all for saving things and fixing them as long as possible, but sometimes it just makes sense to buy something new (especially at 38 weeks pregnant - see bottom right picture for probably the only pregnancy picture I have taken this pregnancy). 

See (bottom left picture) the clothes strewn around the kitchen, drying? We hung them on every available surface on Friday night. 

Both boys had a weird 24 hour fever sickness last week. They seem better now. That slowed everything down to lots of books and hugs on the couch. We also taught Warren how to use scissors. 

My brother is in town visiting. We hadn't seen him since Christmas. It was good to visit with him last night. 

And ESL officially starts this week! 

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