Friday, September 09, 2016


I went to the doctor by myself this week and the whole time I missed the boys. You think that I would enjoy the peace and quiet, but it was so boring without them. 
The last week or so the boys have often been found here, on my lap reading.  They seem to realize the something is about to change soon.  I am grateful for all the extra snuggles. We usually read a lot of books, but it has been in excess this week (if you can have an excess of books).  We have also worked on some "schoolwork". The boys have both enjoyed cutting out colored paper and gluing it to certain shapes. The baby (soon-to-not-be-the-baby) is much better at staying in the lines than I expected.  You give your oldest so much more credit.  

Although, with two on the outside and one on the inside, it gets a little squished on my lap these days. There are elbows poking me from the outside and the inside.  It is a getting extremely uncomfortable, but I wouldn't trade being their mom for all the jobs in the world. But I would trade these last few weeks of pregnancy for extra hours of labor (I am serious, you can ask Jared, labor isn't that bad (especially with pain medicine - ha), but these last weeks of pregnancy are the pits). I don't enjoy any of pregnancy. The whole thing is an achy, sickness-filled, heartburn-induced, sleep-deprived, drudgery. Also, Braxton hicks are kicking in all the time these days and it is so painful. I get them when I stand up, lie down, use the bathroom, don't use the bathroom, bend over, eat too much, don't eat enough, walk around, stand still, cough, sit, etc.  I know lots of people that LOVE being pregnant, but I am certainly not one of them.  

Two and a half more weeks!

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