Friday, September 16, 2016


Today we (Jared) helped some of our favorite people move ... Far far far away... To Mississippi. Martin asked us on the way home when we come go visit them (so that he could sit in these little chairs again). And because they are also some of his favorite people. 

So far he has only experienced people moving across town. Having conversations about real life (people moving, people getting sick and dying, things breaking and changing, etc.) is a hard part of parenting. You want to protect your children from hard things and sadness, but at the same time you know hard things help you depend on God more. In the end the best thing to do is bring it back to the gospel. The gospel give us hope. 

Everything breaks because of sin, but Jesus came to make all things new. It won't always be this way. Jesus is coming back some day. He'll take all the hurt and the sadness. 
People leave and we can't see them whenever we want, but it is a way to help us not become too comfortable on earth and help us long for our eternal home, where we will not be separated by distance. 

Because of Jesus we have hope. That is a wonderful thing! The most amazing thing. I pray for my children to not avoid hard things, but to see the gospel through them and to learn to depend on Jesus alone for strength to face whatever hard experiences come their way. 

"Like full springs in desert dreary, is the rest the cross supplies. Look to Jesus! "

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